zelbrium's coding adventures

~a tale of vi, poor documentation, and git rebase~

You can contact me at zelbrium@sdf.org.
My PGP key ID is C876 A8F2 E3BB 5484.

GitHub contributions:
565 commits 111236++ 70230--

Below, you can find some stuff I've made.

CP-Net Visualizer


A JavaScript tool to visualize Conditional Preference Networks, a model used to show human preferences. Presented at the AAAI-16 international conference. Run in Electron for full features.



An Arch Linux-based operating system created entirely on community input. The desktop environment is made with a custom Material Design toolkit written in Clutter. C.

GPU Vector Text Rendering


A C++ package for rendering high quality vector text on the GPU in OpenGL. I gave a presentation of this work.

Hex Map Generator


Mediocre terrain generator on a hex grid.

Count GitHub Contributions


NodeJS app to calculate your GitHub contribution total a few times per day and export the result to a file, perfect for php requests to load. Scroll up a bit for a demo...

XModel Plugin for Maya


A Maya 2012-2014 plugin, written in Python, that adds export functionality for the XModel and XAnim formats. Also includes an auto-updater and IWI/DDS converter.

The Simple Engine

2015-07-01 [Cancelled]

A multipurpose game(ish) engine written in C/C++. Its goal is to make games (and applications) easier to create, with full cross- platform support including mobile devices. It uses OpenGL and OpenAL, and Lua for scripting.

ComputerCraft Item Database


A set of scripts for ComputerCraft, a Minecraft mod adding Lua-programmable computers, that creates an item database and sorting system. The scripts uses an external PHP/MySQL webserver for tracking items.

UGX Map Manager


A CoD5 map installer written in C# created for UGX-Mods. It allows users to easily download, update, and launch both UGX maps and user- submitted maps.

UUID Generator

Generates UUIDs in plain or "C array" formats.

Mole Size Calculator

Calculates how big a mole of a given object is. Uses WolframAlpha's APIs to determine mass and density of the object.